Canon Pixma Tr150 Setup Guidelines

Improve your productivity with the Canon Pixma TR150 printer. It is a light and portable printer with versatile wireless connectivity and smartphone control. This printer provides effortless and professional quality results wherever your work takes you.In this article, we will share about the Canon Pixma TR150 setup. So, continue reading this page and learn how to unbox the printer properly from here.

Canon Pixma Tr150 Unboxing Setup

Unboxing The New Canon Pixma Tr150 Printer

  • Firstly, place the printer package on a flat table/surface.
  • Open the box and remove the printer components.
  • Box Contents:

  • Canon Pixma TR150
  • Ink tanks
  • Print head
  • AC adapter
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Setup CD-ROM for Windows
  • Safety and important information document
  • Getting Started Guide
  • Take the printer out and place it carefully.
  • Remove any packing materials, including the orange tape.
  • Next, open and pull out the rear tray cover.

Turn On Your Canon Pixma Tr150 Printer

  • Connect the supplied power cord between the rear section of the printer and the wall socket.
  • Hold down the ON button until you see the ON lamp lighting up.
  • Use the arrow keys to choose your language.
  • Next, press the OK button.

Install The Print Head

  • Unlock the print head cover.
  • Press the tabs inward on the print head lock lever to release the lock and lift it firmly until it stops.
  • Next, take out the print head from the package.
  • Remove the print head protective cap.
  • Insert the print head in its slot as the mark faces inward.
  • Lock the print head lever.

Load Paper On Canon Pixma Tr150 Printer

  • Push the paper guides to the left.
  • Push The Paper Guides To The Left
  • Load Letter or A4-sized plain paper (printer-supported paper) against the right edge with the print side facing upwards.
  • Slide The Paper Guide To The Paper Width
  • Slide the paper guide to the paper width and ensure the thickness lever is set correctly.

Install Ink Tanks In Canon Pixma Tr150 Printer

The power cycle is one of the best troubleshooting solutions to handle printer issues. Follow the steps below to power cycle your printer.

  • Open the orange cap from the Black ink tank.
  • Position the ink tank against the right-hand side of the print head, so the Upward mark faces inward. Insert it and press down until it clicks.
  • Position The Ink Tank Against The Right Hand Side
  • Make sure the lamp on the ink tank lights up.
  • Next, unpack the color ink tank and install it on the left-hand side.
  • Install It On The Left Hand Side
  • Lock the print head cover.

Now, the unboxing and hardware part of the setup is over. You can go ahead and install the printer driver on your computer. With that, the software installation will also be completed. The printer will then be ready to use.

We hope you were able to follow the unboxing procedure of Canon Pixma TR150 setup . In case you need to know more about the installation process, get in touch with us by clicking the Call button.

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