Ij Start Canon Ts5320 Setup - Simple Solutions

Have no idea about how to set up your new Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer? No worries, you are on the right page. Canon Ts5320 Setup is a multifunctional compact printer that lets you connect and print directly from your computer or any other device. Just perform the below instructions to complete the printer setup.

Ij Start Canon Ts5320 Setup

Canon Ts5320 - Hardware Setup

Checking The Contents Inside The Box

  • Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Set of Standard Ink Cartridges
  • User Guide
  • Other Documentation
  • Power Cord

You need to ensure that all the above printer accessories are available inside the delivered box.

Unpacking The Canon Ts5320 Printer

  • Start by opening the printer box.
  • Remove the setup CD-ROM, ink cartridges, user guide, and all the remaining contents from the package.
  • Slowly pull out the printer from the box.
  • Discard the packing materials and uncover the printer from its plastic bag.
  • Next, remove all the orange protective tapes around and inside the Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer.

Powering On Your Printer

  • You need to plug the power cable into the back of your printer and the other end into an electrical outlet.
  • Turn on your Canon printer (by pressing the Power button on it).
  • Perform the prompts on the printer screen to complete the initial setup.

Installing The Ink Cartridges

  • First, lift the printer’s scanner unit. Next, open the ink cartridge locking cover.
  • Unwrap one of the ink cartridges from the package. Now, discard the protective tapes from the cartridge.
  • Go ahead and insert the ink cartridge into the respective slot.
  • You can now close the ink cartridge locking cover. Just repeat these instructions to install the remaining ink cartridge into the printer.
  • Finally, close the scanner unit.

Loading The Paper

  • Press the OK button on the Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer’s control panel to load the paper.
  • Pull the paper cassette out of your printer.
  • Next, remove the cassette cover and adjust the paper width guide as far as possible.
  • Get hold of a stack of plain white sheets. Fan and align the sheets properly.
  • Insert the sheets into the paper cassette.
  • Once that’s done, align the paper width guide to the edges of the stack.
  • Now, attach the cassette cover.
  • Insert the paper cassette into the printer.
  • Pull the paper output tray out of the printer.

Software Setup

  • The software installation is pretty simple if you possess the installation CD that comes with your Canon printer package. Just use it on your computer and complete the on-screen prompts to finish the software installation.
  • If you don’t have the driver installation CD, launch the default browser on your computer.
  • Go to the printer’s official support page and input your printer model in the search bar at the top of the page.
  • Or else, you can browse to the printer model by selecting the Printers category. (You can locate it below the Browse by Product Type section on the support page).
  • Choose your device name from the list in the next window.
  • Now, select your printer’s model number from the list.
  • In the window that pops up next, just click on the Drivers & Downloads button.
  • Under the Drivers & Downloads section, you need to pick your respective operating system with its version from the drop-down lists. Do not forget to choose your language.
  • Now, click the Select button straight to the driver file.
  • Click Download below the selected driver file.
  • The chosen driver for your printer will start to download on your computer.

You can complete your Canon PIXMA TS5320 printer setup by following the above instructions.

In case you have any other queries or need further clarifications about Canon Ts5320 Setup, feel free to contact our technical experts. You can use the call button provided on this page for this purpose.

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